Scissors and rotary cutters are obsolete. Our state-of-the-art fabric die-cutting system is accurate, easy and up to 90% faster! Let us revolutionize the way you quilt.

Choose from a variety of styles and configurations based on your project requirements. From compact and portable to large machines with extended capabilities, AccuQuilt’s fabric cutters ensure accurate, consistent cuts every time. No redoing required.

AccuQuilt Ready. Set. GO!® Ultimate Beginner

Mix fabrics into a variety of shapes, sizes and designs with AccuQuilt Ready. Set. GO!® Ultimate Beginner. This impressive professional set includes everything you could ask for to create lovely piecing, appliqué, quilting and embroidery. The Qube 8″ Mix & Match Block die offers endless options to create a range of blocks and patterns. Simply pair this kit with your favorite quality fabrics and watch your creations come to life.


The bar cutter in this cutting system cuts accurate and precise shapes. Combine a large variety of shapes with the 8 included dies and corresponding AQ cutting mats. Over 70 free patterns are included, so you’ll never be short of design inspiration. Save time on your cutting with the AccuQuilt AccuQuilt Ready. Set. GO!® Ultimate Beginner, so you can spend more time sewing quilts!

AccuQuilt Go! Me Fabric Cutter Starter Set

Open the AccuQuilt Go! Me Fabric Cutter Starter Set to discover everything you need to spark your passion for quilting! The set includes everything you need to start your first quilting project. The fabric cutter is lightweight and portable, taking up little space, easy to carry and weighing only 8.5 lbs. Compatible with over 200 GOs! Cut up to 6 layers of quilting cotton or batiks at a time, and you can also cut a variety of fabrics such as denim, leather, facecloth, wool, fleece, silk, satin and more. (If the fabric is reinforced or extra thick, you should cut fewer layers at a time). The starter kit also includes: 2 GO!® dies, a cutting mat and 5 patterns with easy instructions designed for all skill levels.

Accuquilt GO! Big 55500 Electric Fabric Cutting System

Cutting fabric has never been easier! We started it all! The Big Electric Fabric Cutter Starter Set cuts up to six layers of fabric at a time with precision, while maintaining maximum efficiency. When needed, you can easily cut through thick fabrics such as wool, leather or denim.The Big Electric Fabric Cutter Starter Set has two-tone foam to easily align and protect your fabric to your shape. It also offers a large work area that allows you to cut your material, perfect for those who do activities such as quilting. The pattern and idea book that is also included in the starter set makes it very easy to get started.

AccuQuilt GO! Fabric Cutting Dies

The AccuQuilt GO! Fabric Cutting Dies easily cuts up to 6 layers of scrap or full-length fabric, giving you 15 perfectly cut 1 1/2″ strips in one pass through the cutter. The die’s cutting blade is 23-1/2″ long with open ends to cut fabric that remains folded when removed from the bolt. Use the cut strips for borders; narrow borders and tandem piecing, or place them on the die to cut squares vertically and at 45 degree angles for diamonds.

Buying Guide

Choosing a fabric cutting machine can be challenging. You have a lot to consider, and some people don’t even know where to start their search! We are here to help you every step of the way, starting with determining exactly what you are looking for in a cutting machine. We’ve listed some key points that can help you choose a machine.



There are different types of fabric cutting machines. It is a matter of whether you prefer a manual model or a more accurate electronic type that fascinates you. In both cases, it is best to know your budget, as electronics are expensive. Nevertheless, beginners should consider choosing the manual option because it is cheap before choosing the high-tech option.


Easy to use

Most digital fabric cutters are a bit complicated to operate, especially if they are not computer savvy. You need to do a lot of work to cut into the pattern you want. This can be challenging, so choose a cutter that you can use.


Another feature to consider is whether the fabric cutting machine includes cutting dies for cutting various patterns. Some fabric cutting machines include dies for cutting fabric into various shapes, and many have the option of purchasing additional dies to expand the patterns you can cut. More expensive models allow you to create and download your own cutting patterns to use with the machine, providing greater flexibility for custom cutting projects.

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