Best Die Cutting Machine For Beginners

Best Die Cutting Machine For Beginners

For beginners there are naturally some questions before they buy a die cutter for the first time. Things like manual or digital, how easy are they to use, and which one is best for my needs? No worries! We’ve helped you find the best die-cutting machines for scholars in early 2022.

Cricut Explore Air 2

If you’re a fan of Cricut products but find the Cricut Maker 3 a bit intimidating for first-time artisans, it’s best to get started with the Cricut Explore Air 2. It’s fast and intuitive because you have to load the material, select the blade, choose a design, and press a button.

The Cricut Explore Air 2 has many qualities that make it ideal for work-at-home crafters and small business owners (perfect for maintaining an Etsy store). You can use it to cut all types of materials, including paper, vinyl, iron-on, cardstock, fabric, and poster board.

When you purchase this die cutter, you can choose from a variety of colors, including pink, mint, black, blue and red. It weighs 14 pounds (6.35 kg), which is reasonable and allows you to install the machine in a small dedicated work area at home.

Another benefit of the Cricut Explore Air over previous models is that it is equipped with a fast mode. When turned on, the die cutter works twice as fast. It has a downward force of 0.88 lb (400 g) and a clearance of 0.07 in (2 mm), allowing you to work with more than 100 materials.

In addition, the Cricut Explore Air 2 has a smart setting dial that automatically adjusts cutting pressure, depth and speed to the material you select. It has six different blades that are interchangeable with the Cricut Maker 3 and can cut materials up to 11.5 x 23.5 inches (29.21 x 59.69 cm).

Brother CM350 Electronic Cutting Machine

The Brother CM350 Electronic Cutting Machine features an LCD touch screen color display for quick design adjustments and editing.

You can also connect it to your computer via wireless connection so you can upload, create and design your own projects.

Next, this machine also comes with an on-board scanner so you can easily upload your own images to it.

The Brother CM350 electronic cutter can cut a variety of materials, including cardstock, paper, vinyl, fabric, and almost anything except for extra thick and tough materials like leather.

Spellbinder platinum

With foldable sides for easy transport of the machine, the Platinum is Spellbinders’ manual die-cutting machine. It has excellent construction, consisting of solid steel bearings on the inside and durable plastic on the outside. From balsa wood, wool, craft metals, particle board to leather, this machine can easily cut over 40 different materials. A key advantage of the Spellbinders Platinum machine is its 8.5-inch platform, which provides the user with a considerable amount of working space.

It is perfect for beginners who wish to work with multiple layers of fabric, as it can do so effortlessly.

Sizzix Big Shot Express Electric Die Cutting Machine 660540

The Sizzix Big Shot is a die-cutting and embossing device that is the perfect tool for beginners and experts alike. If you are looking for a way to increase your creativity, then this is the perfect die cutter for you.

The die cutter and embosser includes a 6″ wide opening, making it the ideal tool for many creative projects. The core of the tool is made of steel rollers. Steel is one of the strongest metals available. The additional solid steel gears work well for cutting through hard and stubborn materials.

The extended multipurpose base is made of a mix of POM plastic, steel, polyester film and PP plastic. It weighs about 7.5 pounds and is light enough to handle cardstock, felt, foam, fabric, magnets and other materials. Folders smaller than 6 inches are suitable for this operation.

It is very compatible with Spellbinders, Cuttlebug, Anna Griffin, QuiKut dies and more. You can personalize your designs with unique invitations, gift cards and more. Accessories include a box with a Sizzix Big Shot cutter, an extended multi-functional platform, a pair of cutting mats and a 3-year limited warranty.

Cricut Joy

If you’re looking for an easy-to-use, compact die cutter, the Cricut Joy is perfect for you! This small powerhouse makes it easy to cut a variety of fabrication materials, and its small size makes it perfect for taking on the go.

Plus, with Cricut’s wide range of compatible tools and blades, the possibilities are endless! So if you’re looking for a versatile machine for beginners and experienced craftsmen alike, then the Cricut Joy is definitely worth considering.


So, do you like the idea of going all electronic or staying conservative with a manual die cutter? Depending on your budget and your preferred style of die-cutting, it’s important to find the right machine for you. Hopefully the list provided above will help you make an informed choice.